How to Design a Pull-Up Roller Banner

Whether you are using a roller banner or pull up banner for a meeting, a trade show, an exhibition, or a reception space, you need to design something that gets noticed for all the right reasons. While pop up banners are economical to purchase, you don’t want to waste your time and money on something that doesn’t give you a good return on investment.


Roller banners are lightweight, portable, versatile, and smart – they are a powerful marketing tool. But pull up banners can all too often be a waste of space. Find out what you need to do to make an impression with your banner advertising right here.

1. Pay Attention to the Size of the Images

It is a common mistake for people to supply image files and artwork that will not work at the size of the file they are supplied in. While a roller banner may not be as big as a billboard, it is still substantially bigger than a brochure or a leaflet. Make sure you understand the sizing and resolution requirements for the banner printing before you start with the design work.

2. Think About Image and Text Placement

Think about where the banner is going to be placed. For example, if you are putting in on an exhibition stand and there will be a table in front of it, you need to keep the details above where the table will end. It makes sense to have the most important aspects of the banner at the top anyway, but it is essential if you know that the banner will be masked somewhat by other furniture.

3. Keep the Logo High Up and Easily Recognised

The logo for your company does not need to be massive, and in fact it should be smaller than the main headline or the image you are using to showcase your products, but it should be clear and in the top half of the banner so people can easily identify you.

4. Keep it Consistent

Use your banner alongside your other marketing materials, and make sure that it fits in with whatever colours and corporate style you already have in your brochure printing and other items. This creates a professional impression that will help people trust and respect your brand.

5. Avoid Too Much Text

Don’t put on a lot of text as people will not want to read it, nor will they have time to read it. The important thing is a bold clear message, and keeping text to a minimum when it is not strictly necessary. You’ll end up with a much more successful banner.

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