BEE consulting firms, aims to narrow the gap between the privileged and underprivileged

It is the codes which make up the scoring factor of being BEE accredited. A company can be BEE accredited but that does not mean that they are a high level contributor. BBB-EE shows just how much a company is involved with the whole BEE initiative. BEE is a way for the government to right the wrongs of the past and to bring along equality for all citizens. This is mainly in the form of economic equality but also extends to skills development and business outreach programmes. In the past, because of apartheid laws, people of colour did not get the opportunity to advance their careers, access to promotions and salary increases. BEE and by extension, BEE consulting firms, aims to narrow the gap between the privileged and underprivileged.


The workforce is the best way to target this. Businesses are not obligated to get a BEE rating or even bring in a BEE consulting company to assist them. Though, the continued success of the business does depend upon it. Ultimately, not being BEE accredited will lead to decreased sales and profits. This is because companies who are accredited will not want to conduct business with a company that is not. This can result in liquidation with the company folding over within years. The incentive for companies to bring in a BEE consulting firm is to show them the ropes of entering this arena, achieving a high score and then maintaining it.

BEE consulting is more than just someone coming in and giving advice on the path the company should take moving forward to a good BEE rating. Initially, they will provide strategies that the company can take, such as learnerships and outreach programmes which will up their score. Their next aim will to be assist with the documentation that will be sent to the BEE accreditation company. This is a separate company as they will be performing the audit and cannot in any way help with adjusting the score. The score is then given to the company. It will need to be renewed at intervals where the points will be ever adjusted. Points can be increased or decreased depending on moves made by the business or from changes in the law.

It takes constant monitoring to learn and adjust business principles. This could take away time that could be better utilized by focusing on core values of the business and meetings to increase sales and marketing tactics. Rather spend the money on BEE consulting firms whose job it is to stay abreast of any new developments and adjust the companies policies as such to keep points in tact or bettered. With this worry out of the way, businesses can rely on keeping old suppliers who will not change to others and have their income increased with tax rebates. Yes, BEE consulting is a sure fire way to ensure you reap the full financial rewards of becoming BEE compliant. Without their full knowledge, there will definitely be drawbacks that simply cannot be recovered from.