The benefits of Chinese tea remedies

I think it’s fair to say that the media often bombards us with a vast array of conflicting information about what is, and isn’t, good for our health. One scientific study counter-claims the results of another and ends up making the reader more confused than ever about what they should be putting into their bodies. The resulting confusion means that, at a time when we should be able to put our faith in the results of scientific invention, we often find ourselves reverting to what has historically proven to promote health benefits in our bodies.

Chinese tea is one such area that has historically been associated with health benefits and remains a popular choice for those seeking non-medical remedies for their ailments.

Tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Its popularity around the world comes from both its flavour (it is after all nice to drink) and its seemingly ever-increasing health benefits. Chinese tea encompasses a wide range of different teas including Green, White, Oolong and Pu-Erh. Each type of tea provides unique health benefits and can be used to self-medicate against many everyday health issues.

Green tea, for example, is used to regulate cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is often a popular choice for those suffering from diabetes as it can help to reduce blood sugar levels and improve blood flow. At a time when diabetes and heart disease become ever more prevalent in the West, it is no wonder that green tea is becoming a more and more popular way to help fight against these diseases.

White tea is another popular choice for those suffering from diabetes as it can help control insulin levels. It is also popular for those who suffer with rheumatoid arthritis as it can help to reduce the inflammation.

Oolong tea is a good source of Vitamin C and is used by those suffering from skin irritations to help promote healthy skin. It is alsoused as a weight loss tool as it helps to break down fat within the body. Pu-Erh tea can also be used to promote weight loss but can also be used to treat colds, bleeding and arteriosclerosis (thickening of the arteries).

Chinese tea is also high in anti-oxidants, which are known to fight free-radical properties often connected to cancerous cell damage in our bodies.  It is also known to promote a calming and soothing effect on our bodies helping to promote both physical and mental well-being.

Inactive lifestyles combined with the availability of processed foods are not helping in the fight against diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. I wouldn’t suggest turning to home medication as the only way of treating these diseases but it is perhaps a good thing that we are able to turn to these traditional (and naturally available medicines) in order to help in the battle. Modern science may be unable to eradicate these diseases but by turning to the science of the past we may just be able to help find a way of preventing these diseases from occurring in the future.