Where to Find the Best Talent in Procurement

There is an old saying that states, ‘it starts at the top’. Succinctly put, this means that the leadership of an organization will determine its outcome: success or failure. This not only makes sense intuitively, but is also supported historically. It is the primary reason mid-level and upper-level management get paid more than those below them: the very life of a company or organization is dependent upon the qualified, talented, and capable personnel within these roles.


Despite better educational systems, a global economy, and a larger world-population, it has never been more difficult to find the right personnel to fill a company’s needs — particularly in the upper tiers of an organization. It seems, perhaps, that there are too many choices: too many mediocre applicants mixed in with the few exceptional ones. The simple truth is that finding the right individual to run a department, division, company, or region is considerably more taxing than any other role within a company.

Procurement search recruiters can save companies a considerable amount of time and money. U.S. News recently discussed the important role that recruiters serve in finding the best management candidates possible. A lot of hard work goes into the procurement of each individual potential employee, and recruiters always strive to produce excellent results. The role procurement search recruiters play in finding the right people cannot be understated. Companies such as the Toronto-based Argentus Search Group consistently work to provide only the best talent out there. Argentus Search Group procurement head hunters specialize in recruiting quality retail, operations, supply chain, and management talent.

One particular reason that procurement search recruiters can deliver such qualified personnel for these roles is networking. Recruiters specialize in matching the right people with the right companies so they are constantly networking and building a repertoire of qualified talent. Recruiters use sample assignments, personality tests, and interviews to evaluate candidates thoroughly before recommending them to their clients. They rely on referrals to ensure that candidates have been ‘vouched for’ from people and organizations they trust. They spend thousands of hours each year working hard to build a competent network of trustworthy people who will deliver quality work. This is an amount of time and effort that most companies simply can’t match when looking for new talent. It takes time to search for the perfect employee. Why do all the work, when someone else has already done it for you?

The best-matched talent for a company can be difficult to find, especially when looking to fill upper management positions. Upper level management positions are critical to the success of a company. Without the right person leading the charge, a company can be doomed for failure. As the leadership goes, so goes the company. Every ship needs someone at its helm to help navigate it, make important decisions, and avoid icebergs. Thankfully, through the use of talent recruiters, the hiring process for these positions has become significantly easier than it once was. Companies who use a procurement search firm can rest easy, knowing that they have the right talent for their workplace.