Narrow Down Marketing Candidates with These Questions

Hiring new marketing candidates can best be described as an art, not a science. You’re looking for a “perfect fit,” someone who will match your organization based on their work history, hard and soft skills, and their background. Find out whether or not they’ll fit in during the interview process. In Toronto’s huge marketing landscape, there are a lot of candidates to sort out. After marketing recruiters in Toronto have helped you identify the most competitive and qualified applicants, it’s time to make sure you don’t just pick the best, you also pick the best fit.

In the short time you have to decide who’s going to make it in your organization, you have to learn as much as you can about each of them. These are some of the questions recommended by marketing recruiters in Toronto like IQ Partners.


#1 What’s your dream business?

Learn what drives these applicants: is it the field they’re in, or are they just looking for a paycheque? If the business they want to open is in a different industry, find out why they’re doing what they do now. Is it to master the skills of their profession to apply to their personal dreams? This is an opportunity to learn about their creative side and their business sense.

#2 How do you stay on top of your industry?

If they can’t answer, it’s time to start looking elsewhere. Ideal candidates are those who really care about what’s changing in their profession; they live and breathe it. That means staying on top of new trends, honing their skills, and staying ahead of the curve.

#3 Name the last book you read.

Throwing in a curveball question that isn’t related to the job is a great way to see how they handle quick mental shifts, and the Toronto recruiters at IQ Partners recommend using a question like this one to see how candidates are on their feet. You can also get into their head and learn about what interests them beyond work.

#4 Describe the biggest decision you’ve made recently.

Learning about their decision-making process will give you an insight into how they’re going to perform. Are they quick to come to a conclusion, or did they deliberate all possible outcomes? Did they think it through solo or are they collaborative decision-makers, testing it out with other people? You can ask them about either their career or their personal life. You’re not asking to learn the details; you’re asking to learn about their process. If you don’t know why it matters how they think, stop by today and read on about the dos and don’ts of recruiting and hiring.

#5 Talk about the worst mistake you’ve ever made.

Of course, even people who don’t believe they make mistakes know that they need to say something else, so they’ll come up with a generalized or contrived answer. It’s not hard to identify real mistakes from these scenarios; more likely than not, the honest candidate has learned from the past and become a stronger person because of it. This is a question designed to find out about their own self-evaluation process.

You can use these questions or design variations that are most appropriate for your organization. Remember that the point is to learn about how they work, think, and see the world.